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Aktionsbündnis „Urheberrecht für Bildung und Wissenschaft“

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Why are the Coalition and its actions important?

Dr. Andrea Kamphuis
freelance science writer
“As a freelance science writer, I am quite often confronted with 'closed doors' or unduly high paywalls during my literature research. Lacking institutional affiliations, freelancers have to either refrain from thorough research or obtain the necessary literature by dubious means. I am member of the steering board of the Coalition because I want to work towards a copyright law that releases freelance science writers from this dilemma.”

Dr. Joachim Meier
library director
“The last major change to the copyright law took place in 1966 and significantly weakened the legal position of the author in relation to the publisher. In the field of science this can be seen in contracts such as 'Copyright Transfer Agreements', with which especially transnationally established publishers and those specializing in science media have the authors' exploitation rights exclusively transferred to them to the maximum extent and relating to each element of the work. This situation is unbalanced and constitutes a strong hindrance to science communication. In copyright law, science authors as creators in particular, but also as users of works, ought to be given more privileges again.”

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen
“The Coalition is a civil society organization which has in its main focus the development of an education and science friendly copyright. The Coalition consistently pursues the goal of free (in the meaning of ‘libre et gratuit’) access and use of published works in education and science without impairing the authors´ rights. The Coalition is also willing to support every initiative of the publishing industry which adopts these goals.”

The Coalition for Action is based on the Göttingen Declaration which was signed since 2004 by research organizations, professional societies, institutions and individuals. [list of signatories]

The signatories meet once a year to elect the steering board, which in turn elects the board of speakers from their midst. [contact]
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October 15 – 16, 2015Brandenburger Tor, 2009 by Th. Severiens
Annual Meeting of the Coaltion in Berlin
Program and Registration starting in May

April 22nd 2015

To the World Book and Copyright Day it is recalled: authors, education and research need access. (more)

April 20th 2015

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen zum § 52b Urteil des BGH:
„Für Bildung und Wissenschaft [..] ist die Entscheidung ein wichtiger Schritt in Richtung eines bildungs- und wissenschaftsfreundlichen Urheberrechts.“ (more)

January 26th 2015Flyer zum Zweiverwertungsrecht

Informationsblatt zum Zweitverwertungsrecht für wissenschaftliche Artikel erschienen. Falls Sie größere Stückzahlen zum Auslegen bei Tagungen etc. benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns einfach.
(Flyer zum Selbstausdrucken...)
December 4th 2014

Aktualisierter Textvorschlag einer allgemeinen und umfassenden Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsklausel vorgestellt (more)

December 5th 2014Rainer Kuhlen

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen:
„Alle Experten [...] waren sich einig, dass eine umfassende Lösung gefunden werden muss und zwar als Ersatz für die verschiedenen, weitgehend unbrauchbaren Schranken, neben § 52a auch die §§ 52b und 53a.“ (more...)

December 1st 2014

Pressemitteilung zur Entfristung von § 52a UrhG — ein notwendiger aber nicht ausreichender Schritt in Richtung eines wissenschafts- und bildungsfreundlichen Urheberrechts (more...)

November 29th 2014PTB

All slides from our annual meeting in Berlin on November 17, 2014 are online available (more...)

September 18th 2014

We are represented this week at the 70th German Jurists Day in Hannover with a stand. Visit us in the domed hall (more...)

August 21st 2014

The Coalition signed the The Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development (Lyon Declaration)

August 8th 2014§

Global coalition of access to research, science and education organizations calls on STM to withdraw its new model licenses which is not compatible with any Creative Commons licenses. (text of the statement)

July 17th 2014

Strategy of the Federal Government on the European Research Area (ERA):
“The Federal Government is striving to improve copyright law and thus take greater consideration of the needs of science, research and education in the digital age and to tap the potential of digitization in these areas. Specifically, it aims to introduce a blanket exemption for teaching and research purposes.” (Strategy paper)

May 15th 2014COAR Logo

The Coalition for Action supports the initiative taken for immediate open access to research articles and agains long embargo periods. (text of the statement)

May 11th 2014Rainer Kuhlen

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen:
„Eine umfassende Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsklausel wird gebraucht, keine leicht auszuhebelnde Schranke! Die vom Aktionsbündnis vorgeschlagene Klausel formuliert einen umfassenden Rechtsanspruch für freie Nutzung von publiziertem Wissen in Wissenschaft und Bildung.“ (more...)

December 2nd 2013:
Die Landesregierung Baden-Württemberg betritt in Sachen Open Access Neuland (more...)

November 27th 2013:
Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsschranke im Koalitionsvertrag (more...)

Oktober 14th 2013:
Zehn Forderungen gegen den Reformstau beim Wissenschaftsurheberrecht (more...)

on Folder on the Right for a Second Publication for Scientific Articles
Version: February 2015

publication Information als Vitamin für Innovation: Schanken oder Lizenzen für Forschung und Lehre?
Compilation for the annual meeting on October 10, 2013

publication Breite Unterstützung für eine umfassende Verbesserung des Urheberrechts für Bildung und Wissenschaft
Evaluation of a survey and policy implications, September / October 2011

publication Flyer of the Coalition

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